Mallorca Finca is a reliable partner in your quest for the perfect country estate on the largest, and most beautiful, of the Balearic Islands.

Our dedicated team of real estate agents, and investment consultants, identifies the most valuable properties on the island, and offers you a selection of fincas and country houses, either in traditional, or mallorquin styles, to enable you to find your future dream home in the shortest time possible.

About Mallorca Finca

Good Location

Good location is essential for all properties, especially for fincas. We only present fincas with a location we judge as suitable.

Mallorca Finca


All fincas have been thorougly checked by our architects. You can expect quality!

luxury finca


Through local lawyers we made sure that the finca and extensions have been built according to legal standards.

High tech finca


A finca is an investment from which you may expect ROI. The fincas we offer promise good chances for that.

historic finca